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It's not every day your favorite show turns 25! In celebration of the premiere of The X-Files in 1993 several members of the cast and crew shared memories of their time spent on the show. Frank Spotnitz, Vince Gilligan, Robert Patrick, Annabeth Gish, Shannon Hamblin, and Kristen Cloke Morgan all spoke about their experiences. And Karin Konoval brings one of her amazing characters back for a visit. You know you've missed Chucky Poundstone! Check out all the videos below. We also gave the fans a chance to tell their stories with our four-part documentary "25 Years of X-Philes." If you haven't had a chance to watch that yet, check it out here. 

Frank Spotnitz


Vince Gilligan


Robert Patrick


Annabeth Gish


Karin Konoval


Shannon Hamblin


Kristen Cloke Morgan