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On The Verge

Congratulations, Scully! You made the beautiful decision to steal adopt a shelter dog. Now that you’re taking home little Daggoo, you’re going to want to catch up on all the latest canine care advancements. You probably have questions. What should I feed my puppy? What’s the best form of flea and tick prevention? How do I stop him from being eaten by an alligator?

Well, not to worry, Scully. This blog is for you. Learn about everything you did wrong with Queequeg to add to your already enormous guilty conscience. Then learn how to fix it so Daggoo doesn't end up as dessert. Rest in peace, Queequeg. Rest in peace.

We, Roi and Jessa, strive to solve the most unanswerable questions here on our blog On the Verge. We start by sitting down with a nice bottle of Pinot Noir, preferably from the Sonoma Valley. We then meticulously take notes and discuss the fine details of questions proposed to us while listening to Vivaldi’s Seasons. It takes time, calculation, and a fierce desire to see the truth brought to light.

Just kidding. It usually begins with Jessa calling Roi on her way home from work, spitballing ideas, and then accidentally stumbling upon a golden revelation. Does everyone remember the Africanized honey bee/the-antithesis-of-Barry-White bee from the hallway scene from Fight the Future? We sure do. However, what we are about to tell you will turn your world unrecognizable and upside down. Yet one thing will remain the same—we will be your friends and we will tell you the truth. We will be your constant, your touchstone.

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Some of the biggest mysteries on The X-Files are not paranormal, nor do they involve government conspiracies. They can be simple, completely uncomplicated things like who fell in love when or how Scully conceived while lacking completely necessary reproductive components. No, it is something so intricate and meta that it makes the movie Inception look like Sesame Street. We are talking about something so convoluted and paradoxical that it can only be about one thing: travel plans.

As Agent Leyla Harrison said in the episode "Alone", "When you went to Antarctica, to save Agent Scully from being taken by that spaceship, and you ran out of gas in your Sno-Cat, how did you get back?"

Nailed it right on the head, Harrison. How indeed did they get back? We, Jessa and Roi, decided that this would be the perfect place to start. This will be one of many questions and plot-holes that we will explore with On the Verge. This is how Mulder and Scully returned from Antarctica.


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