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six layerAnd so we’ve landed at the unbelievably angsty season four. These episodes are highly emotional and filled with some of the most solid performances of the series. The partnership is challenged by many factors; old enemies come back to haunt them, and new dangers arise. But isn’t that what The X-Files is all about?

We wouldn’t let you go without our usual list of emotional snacking, so click after the jump for Season 4’s edible companions.


Oh! You've figured it out. Click here for the recipe!The first episodes of the third season have already set you off with much angst, the drama seeps from every pore of your VHS tapes. We’ve begun to see the consequences of Mulder and Scully’s investigations, the actions of his enemies, the caveats of working with their informants… and now, their own blooming partnership. There’s also monsters, aliens and viruses, but who can keep count?

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The X-Files Global Rewatch is moving along at full speed and… boy, it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions for everyone! With season two fast approaching at the end of July, I didn’t want to skimp on guidance for your upcoming restocking trip to the store. From “Little Green Men” to “Anasazi”, this season challenges you at every turn. Shocking and even nauseating at times, this is a season that continues building up on some of the gore that made this show so famous.

With a whole season under our belt, the snacking is not just about emotional relief but also starts to become a themed event, and with The X-Files, this is quite an adventure.

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He did it while watching Springer.

Let’s get real, the minute that you learned that The X-Files were coming back, you had that instant pang to rewatch the whole series. Out of nostalgia or just to get ready for the awesomeness that’s to come.

That feeling comes with either a sense of excitement that makes your heart skip more than one beat or, you know I’m being honest, a groan… because two hundred and two episodes, and two movies, don’t go by too fast. At an average of forty-three minutes per episode and movies around the 120 minute mark, you’re going to be watching 8,926 minutes, or approximately 149 hours, of awesome, heart-wrenching storytelling.

So this is how I found myself persuading a cohort of mine on Twitter to watch The X-Files for the first time, promising to deliver her a guide of sorts, of what to do whenever she gets assaulted by “the feels”. Aside getting yourself a re-watch buddy so you have a hand to hold, instructing your dog to understand irrational gasping and sobbing, and convincing your cat that if you put your fist through a wall this is not cause to attack you… food is the next best thing to deal with the emotional onslaught. Continue after the jump.


I'm posting this blog on June 8th, 2015… when The X-Files Revival starts filming.

It took me a full hour to continue writing after I finished the previous sentence. The sheer amount of emotions and thoughts is quite overwhelming. I realize this may sound extremely silly to anyone not involved in this world.

I’ve wanted to write this blog for quite some time; for seven years, actually. I thought it would be easy, that I would be ready to write it, and I hope I’m ready now that it’s time. But it isn’t proving to be a piece of cake, nor a short blabber.

There’s a reason why this is a blog and not an article… because this is what I, Avi Quijada, thinks about The X-Files coming back, the fandom, and the onslaught of reactions that we’ve gone through and that we’re going to go through.


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