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Happy Anniversary, Philes! Can you believe it's been 25 years since The X-Files debuted on FOX? Who knew on a Friday night in 1993, something was happening that would change so many lives for the better. Back in July when we asked you, the fans, to tell us what the show means to you, we knew you would have a lot to say. But we were truly overwhelmed by the moving, thoughtful responses we got. One thing became very clear while watching your stories. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a Phile since Day One or you found the series recently, The X-Files is not just something you watch. It’s a story that becomes a part of you.

It’s a show that inspires us to make new friends and experience new adventures. It’s a show that brings out the most creative and artistic parts of us. It’s a show that inspires women and girls around the world and gives them a new role model. For some of us, the hope we found in The X-Files was life-saving.

Fandom can be a tricky thing. Many of us may have nothing in common besides our shared love of these characters. And that’s part of what makes this bond so beautiful. We can come together over shared appreciation and put aside our differences to share a laugh or even a tear or two. There’s nothing like time spent with another fan, to know that person understands when you sing a chorus of “Jeremiah was a bullfrog” or mention that cerulean blue is a gentle breeze. That knowing look you exchange if somebody gets light cream cheese on their bagel. From Lake Okobogee, to Skyland Mountain. To the depths of the Oregon forests and the deserts of New Mexico, to Russian gulags and even the reaches of space. We've explored so many places together, had our hearts broken together, and picked up the pieces together. 

We’re a community that knows no one gets there alone, and we rally in support. We know that when things seem impossible, we don’t give up. And that the Truth, whatever that truth may be to you, is always worth fighting for.

Now it’s time for me to let the fandom do the talking. XFN is proud to present “25 Years of X-Philes: A Tribute to the Cast, Crew, and Fans of The X-Files.” We’ve got four parts to share throughout the day. Thank you to everyone who contributed! We hope you enjoy watching as much as we’ve enjoyed creating this.

Part 1: No One Gets There Alone



Part 2: Don't Give Up


Part 3: Thank You


Part 4: Remember How it All Was