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Things about this week's episode feel a little familiar but that didn't keep your podcast crew from enjoying "Familiar." XFN's Roi Ollson and myself Keva Andersen join David T. Harwood to discuss the creepfest written by new X-Files writer Benjamin Van Allen.

It's an episode that gets back to the basics about what we loved about the show in the early years. From the trip to the forest, to the color palette, and Mulder returning to his roots of tasting the evidence, there's a lot to enjoy.

But of course we wouldn't be Philes if we didn't find a few things to nitpick. Check out the episode here or in the player below. We also have a bonus podcast available where we discuss The X-Files audio books that'a available for a small donation in support of the show. Check that out here if you're so inclined, and thank you to all our supporters!