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If you were trying to access the site through a mobile device lately you may have been in for a surprise.  Just letting everyone know however that we are currently working on it, and it will be up and running as soon as Team Canada wins the Good Ol' Hockey game, and Thinkey can get a...something sleep. 

Be assured that the content of the site right now is in no trouble.  We've removed the comments section, and the forum latest post section during upgrades.  The actual mobile problem will be resolved as we go through the site's files to eliminate the infected files. 

Your computer is not in any risk, as long as you don't go happily clicking on the porn banners - at that point we can't guarantee what's on the other end.

Best to use the web version for now - we've tried disabling it, however the new templates has this stuff pretty built in and not something I can wrap my head around at 6:40AM in the morning. As Canada is about to go for Gold.

Yes, I'm a HUGE hockey fan, Sydney Crosby fan (he's near family to me...seriously - my cousin's husband's sister is Sid's aunt...there's a Kevin Bacon joke here someplace, but after XFN, what isn't? ) and I wait every 4 years for this game.  In other words: bare with the newfie webmaster until the hockey yayas are gone. 

Hang in there, the mobile site will fix itself in the next 48 hours.