We know many Philes are always looking to add new pieces to their X-Files memorabilia collection, so we were excited to hear about a new set of trading cards called “The X-Files: UFO’s and Aliens” being created by Upper Deck. Released on March 13, the new set has some interesting things to offer, but how does it stack up to previous collections from Topps or Inkworks? XFN checked out a box, see what we think and find out how to get a discount on your own box.

X-Files - Illustration by Patrick Leger - Monsters of The Week

There’s always been a very succinct way that we as fans identify our favorite parts of The X-Files: whether it be Shippers or Noromos, or we use abbreviations like MSR, or DRR, and then Mythology and MOTW.

The latter is the center of the newest critical companion written by Zack Handlen and Todd VanDerWerff. Monsters of the Week presents itself as the most complete one, with a foreword by Chris Carter and interviews with Vince Gilligan, Howard Gordon, Darin Morgan, Robert Patrick, Mitch Pileggi, Frank Spotnitz and James Wong. This isn’t just a book about reviews, but it is one that is a very well placed balance of opinion and history.

We had the opportunity to speak with both Todd and Zack about their motivation for writing this collection of reviews.

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On March 21st, we witnessed the finale to Season 11 of "The X-Files." Is it the end or is it a beginning? Depending on who you ask... so this is why we sat down with Chris Carter to deconstruct quite a few of the elements of this episode. 

Go ahead to read the full interview and recap of "My Struggle 4."

The finish line is in sight with tonight's episode, "Nothing Lasts Forever." The 9th episode of Season 11 was directed by James Wong, and written by Karen Nielsen. The title alone gave some Philes pause. Scully and Mulder have been with us 25 years, surely if anything lasts forever, they can, right? 

What we got is an episode that deals with the lengths people will go to to stop time, and the beauty and wisdom that comes with aging. And the idea that perhaps time can heal all wounds, if part of that time includes finally talking about the uncertainties that caused those wounds.

We've got a lot to say about this episode. Hit the jump for our recap, review, and conversation with writer Karen Nielsen.

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With only two episodes to go, "Familiar" is the eighth episode of the eleventh season of The X-Files.

Written by Benjamin Van Allen and directed by Holly Dale, this episode is a classic X-File all wrapped up in a delightfully creepy bow.

But we have much more to say about it. Click after the jump for our usual recap, our review, and a cool interview with the writer.


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