Man, I think I've never been more tired in my life! And I'm just leaving St. Louis to cruise the world... this is not promising!

I have to tell you, while I write from my blackberry sitting in the dark, that yesterday was a blast! Seriously, Jade knows how to party, and hard! After waking up today, she left for work leaving me a note saying "hey get ready for tonight" sure...I'm a procrastinator and she knows it well. And I did try, for real, but then she's got the IWTB bluray and I just had to see it one last time before I go... Scully's weeping scene always gets to me... and then the deleted kiss from FTF... What? yeah, I like it, so? What's your deal?

Anyway, I was in the middle of watching it for the 20th time when Jade got home and basically told me I was going to be late. She helped me out, she's such sweetheart, you know cleaned my cap, ironed my tshirt, brushed my shoes, and then...what a scam!!

She had it planned all along!

Remember I told you that I'd be travelling first class? Well, I guess they forgot to say it was FIRST CLASS MAIL!

So here I am, sitting in the dark with my phone, texting away. I should had seen this coming, I've repeated to myself like 5 times now, but sitting here thinking, I figure, that this trip is not about me. Its about everything I will have to go thru to get to the final line... get the word out and help a little in the best way possible.

Jade packed me with some pictures and a letter for this girl, Moxed...Some of you might know her, she is adorable... I hope she doesn't mind I already read the letter and I'm using it as a pillow. Its light and fluffy. She also gave me a cup of potato soup... we'll see how that goes.

I can't wait to get to West Palm Beach...I mean it has to be nice, you know, being Florida and all. I gotta go, my sister just told my mom I'm in a box at the post office and she's calling me with the obligatory: "I told you so...!"


Like I said, I went to a concert with Jade...sort of a thing to do before we part ways, you know? I've been with her since I can remember, she says I'm a softy.

I caught her writing on her facebook about last night, this is what she said: "Frankenbear was a regular riot at the show tonight. He totally jammed some A Day To Remember with Kelsey and I in the car! And then he danced to Emmure with me and Kelsey at the concert! I think he wants to be a hardcore kid now. He's been wearing his baseball hat all flat billed since we got home (I'm wondering if he'll ask me to write "br00tal" on it next!)

Anyway, we're off to sleep since I have to work in the morning :)"

Oh yeah! She got me a St. Louis Cardinals BB cap...I should wash it before I leave, it looks like I walked all over it last night. I wonder, if Jade will miss me... and will I miss Jade and Kelsey??

I'll let you know along the way.



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