The editing. The song. All the season 11 pretty! Today's #FanvidFriday selection is sure to melt your heart. Evenstar is a prolific vidder with a wide range of shows so don't forget to check out their Youtube page. Enjoy!

Today's #FanvidFriday comes with a slight warning: maybe don't watch this at work. ;) That being said we couldn't pass up this opportunity to wish the most special of agents a Happy Birthday in true HBIC style. Thanks to Snakey973 for the little nugget of awesome. Enjoy! 

Great editing, great song choice, great vid. Not much else needs to be said about today's #FanvidFriday selection. So while the show is on hiatus, we invite you to "Hold On" and enjoy this fantastic vid! Don't forget to check out TV.LOVExox's channel.


Ghouli is still provoking some intense emotions among fans and this week's #FanvidFriday vid choice should do absolutely nothing to dispell all that pain and suffering. "Unsteady" from Chloe Sullivan is chock full of William and sadness, with just a tinge of hope. Enjoy!

Are you guys over Ghouli yet? No? Well, step right up and join us to relive the pain and suffering, and all that is Gillian Anderson on her A-game. This weeks video is simple but packed full of punches. Serah Sanguine delivers all the best parts of Ghouli into a concise, pain-filled package set to instrumental music. It's horrifically painful. Enjoy!

Happy #FanvidFriday!


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