There's nothing that makes us more excited come #FanvidFriday time than a new vid from Snakey. Heather, aka Snakey973, never fails to deliver a sharply edited video with a banging song choice and a well thought out theme. "Believer" is no exception. Enjoy!

The HD content is crisp, the editing is top notch, and the song is simply lovely. Enjoy our #FanvidFriday selection, "You'll Never Be Alone," by Laxmachinee

Happy #FanvidFriday!

I'm pretty sure Lifehouse was formed as a band for pain and suffering purposes in fanvids. There's no couple better than delivering pain and suffering than Mulder and Scully. Thus, for #FanvidFriday today you should be warned that it's all pain and suffering all the time. Enjoy!

Happy Friday, Philes! Enjoy this classic serving of angsty goodness for your #FanvidFriday.


As one of the comments of this video says: "that was totally savage..." We couldn't agree more! Enjoy this gorgeous tribute to Mulder and Scully by alittlemissfit52 and have a very happy Fanvid Friday. 




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