Chuck returns and Jimmy tries to live a life on the straight and narrow. In this week’s Better Call Saul, “Cobbler”, Jimmy’s morals are put to the test when Mike calls with a pro bono job.

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XFiles Anthology v2 edit

The second collection of X-Files short stories from IDW includes a mixed bag of beasts, baddies, and the downright bizarre. Read after the jump for our full review of The Truth is Out There.

As with 2015’s Trust No One, this year’s short story anthology collects fifteen stories from a wide variety of authors including Sarah Stegall (co-author of The Official Guide to The X-Files Volumes One - Three), Greg Cox (author of novels for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Star Trek, Warehouse 13 and more), and Rachel Caine (author of the Morganville Vampires series). One-third of the 15 authors are female, compared with less than a fifth in the previous volume, which shows a significant improvement.

BCSposter201Will Jimmy make a go of being a legitimate lawyer in season two of Better Call Saul or will the lure of easy money and his finely honed con-artist ways send him sprinting to what we know is his preordained destiny?

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Outer Places, a website where "science meets science fiction", produces a bimonthly subscription box service called Supply Pod. Every two months, they create a box filled with cool science and science fiction goodies for fans of the genre. Last year the Supply Pods featured The Martian and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The first pod of this year features, well you guessed it, The X-Files

The crew at Outer Places has done a great job of putting together this pod. There are some awesome XF goodies inside, but there are only nine days left to order The X-Files pod. If your interest is already piqued, you can use the exclusive promo code XFNEWS to get 10% off your order. So what's inside this spooky-inspired Supply Pod? Let's crack it open and take a look. 

XFiles S11 06 review 3“ENDGAMES” Part 1 continues the saga for The X-Files: Season 11.  With the story released for the X-Mas special, Gibson “rescued” Mulder from the aliens and the government, and the Lone Gunmen had been abducted but also returned. We also saw that AD Morales now has a better grasp of what’s going on with Mulder and Scully’s alliances since she followed them and witnessed the exchanges at the end of the last issue.

But now… we enter a new stage in this story, one that catapults their reality to a much more daunting setting and according to Denton Tipton, editor of the series, the first of the issues that will carry us through an overhaul that aims to get this narrative in line with the current revival. 

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