The new home video release of the new season of The X-Files has been out and about since June 14th. We’ve been really excited about the new chapter of the collection, not only for the possibility of binge watching it as much as our hearts desire, but also because we had the incredible privilege to be a tiny, little part of it.

But we’ll get to that. First, let’s walk through the goods included in The X-Files: The Event Series Bluray and DVD.

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In this month’s issue of The X-Files, we conclude the two-parter, “Dia De Muertos” or “Day of The Dead”. At the end of part one, Mulder had set off in an attempt to find Enrico, while Scully worried about the young boy’s traumatized sister. Find out what happens next after the jump in our recap of issue three.

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In this month's issue of The X-Files from Topps, Mulder and Scully travel to Hawaii to investigate the deaths of several university students. Read after the jump for our recap of "The Kanashibari."


In the second issue of IDW’s new The X-Files comic series set during the 2016 revival, Mulder and Scully head to the Texas border to investigate the gruesome deaths of a truckload of Mexican immigrants. Read after the jump for our review of “Los Dios de Los Muertos” Part One.

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In last month’s issue of The X-Files from Topps, we saw Mulder and Scully discover a mysterious old camera that appeared to be linked to a series of grisly deaths. We catch up with the daring duo just after they located a pair of mummified bodies in an old cellar. Read after the jump for our recap of "Family Portrait Part Two" by Kevin J. Anderson.


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