Moxie might be in short supply these days, but the season finale of Better Call Saul gave us a heaping load of that and then some by shying away from the flash and bang that is the standard fodder of season finales, and instead diving deep into the flesh and bones of its characters.

Content to go at its own pace and not rely on it’s louder, older sibling, Breaking Bad, the entire team delivered a solid season that set Saul apart and cemented it as a brilliant show in its own right.

If I might be so bold… I think I prefer this highly nuanced show to its predecessor. 

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In this month’s issue of Topps’ The X-Files, originally released in July 1996, author Kevin J. Anderson takes the writing reins when Mulder and Scully track down a killer camera in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Read after the jump for our recap of “Family Portrait” Part One.


The folks at Better Call Saul keep outdoing themselves, and this week’s episode, “Nailed,” was no exception. As the truth starts to reveal itself even the most minor of characters get to suffer the consequences. The penultimate episode of season two keeps us on the edges of our seats and clamoring for the season finale.

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BCSposter201Episode eight of Better Call Saul, “Fifi” was in my opinion, the best episode of the entire series. The second season has shown the story really hit its stride; it’s confident, it’s witty, and it’s full of emotional impact and impending doom. It’s every bit as good as it’s predecessor, Breaking Bad, and in some cases, I might even say… Better. The writers keep you on your toes, never let you feel confident on who to root for and never let you get comfortable. Better Call Saul is a true character piece in a field of fast-paced action dramas and I couldn’t be happier for the reprieve.

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XF118 1Previously on The X-Files: Season 11 #7 - Mulder and Scully had briefly met at a magnetite extraction mine in Utah, before he got ambushed by Gibson and she was taken by faceless aliens working with and lead by AD Morales.

Mulder had taken one of the aliens as his hostage and in the midst of escaping he got intercepted by AD Skinner who was being controlled by Gibson, telepathically. Meanwhile, Scully had woken up at a hospital in the outskirts of Salt Lake City. Morales gave her the 411 on her involvement with the faceless alien faction, making it clear that the agent was at the mercy of her orders.

We have now hit the last issue of this series. As you may have heard, IDW has decided to work in tandem with the current timeline established for The X-Files revival on FOX. While the actual details of the upcoming issues haven’t been revealed yet, Joe Harris is really excited to be taking on this endeavor. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

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