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Throughout March, a number of IDW comics titles are releasing one-shot comics under the umbrella, “Deviations.” These titles explore alternative universes in which a single, fundamental change has occurred from the reality we all know: what if the Ghostbusters never crossed the streams? What if COBRA finally won against G.I. JOE? The X-Files is another of the titles joining in the "Deviations" fun, with “Time and Being” exploring a world in which Fox Mulder was abducted instead of Samantha. Read after the jump for our full review.

BCSposter201In this week’s episode of Better Call Saul, Jimmy’s “showmanship” threatens to blow up his career and his burgeoning relationship with Kim. Meanwhile, Mike’s efforts to atone for his sins and protect his family might be throwing him into deeper water than he’d like.

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Chuck returns and Jimmy tries to live a life on the straight and narrow. In this week’s Better Call Saul, “Cobbler”, Jimmy’s morals are put to the test when Mike calls with a pro bono job.

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The second collection of X-Files short stories from IDW includes a mixed bag of beasts, baddies, and the downright bizarre. Read after the jump for our full review of The Truth is Out There.

As with 2015’s Trust No One, this year’s short story anthology collects fifteen stories from a wide variety of authors including Sarah Stegall (co-author of The Official Guide to The X-Files Volumes One - Three), Greg Cox (author of novels for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Star Trek, Warehouse 13 and more), and Rachel Caine (author of the Morganville Vampires series). One-third of the 15 authors are female, compared with less than a fifth in the previous volume, which shows a significant improvement.

BCSposter201Will Jimmy make a go of being a legitimate lawyer in season two of Better Call Saul or will the lure of easy money and his finely honed con-artist ways send him sprinting to what we know is his preordained destiny?

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