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If you are still hungry for details about The X-Files Revival shoots (well... duh) a little something just fell on our lap. If you're into some light spoilers... this one is for you. Maybe you'll find a clue or two.

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Day 9 Blieberger Farm Insertsmall

Here's the gritty of this map: (we've greyed out sensitive information)

- Yellow blocks denote spatial references and placement of equipment. 

- Orange blocks denote actions.

- Note the name of the set of scenes to be shot in this area: Mulder/Scully House.

- The map describes what we can infer will be night scenes in a forest / camp area.

- The scene will include helicopter shots, filmed between 5 and 9pm.

- There will be intermittent traffic control on the main road leading to this location.

- Lights will be "flagged off" - meaning that they will restrict their beams with the lamps' accessories to avoid shining the powerful flood onto the drivers on the road.

That's it folks, let the speculating begin. Remember to visit our Revival Forum thread for all the fun!