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"Thank you to the city of Hollywood and to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for this incredible honor. And thank you to Bryan, and Joel, and David for your kind words.

I first moved to Los Angeles 25 years ago to become a film actress. But then I had the great good fortune of landing in Chris Carter’s television universe and the shoes of Dana Katherine Scully. A woman who wasn’t just the object of a man’s desire, but a strong-willed, smart, brave woman who was career-driven and fiercely independent. The combination of Chris’ creation and whatever rookie, naïve, terrified, determined will I brought to the table manifested a young woman yet to be depicted on TV. And as the fan response would soon prove, a desperately needed role model for women of all ages, everywhere, who it turns out were simply not seeing themselves represented.

Chris, wherever you are….mudslides, I hear. I wouldn’t be here if you didn't fight for me to be your Scully, if you didn’t fight me to stay strong and focused and fearless. You didn’t just give me the opportunity to play one of the greatest characters of all time, but you helped shape the woman I am today. And for both, I am eternally grateful.

Bryan Fuller, another champion in my corner. From our very first phone conversation where you calmly pleaded with me to play Hannibal’s psychiatrist, to throwing the gauntlet of Media’s multiple personalities in American Gods, you have crafted characters that have stretched even my own belief of what I am capable of. And in so doing, made me a better actor. Thank you.

Joel. You talk too much. You’re amazing. I’m so glad I asked you to speak. Thank you so much. You made me a better listener, motherfucker. Ok. That’s how we do it. On Gillian Anderson Day. The rules have changed.

Thank you, David Duchovny, wherever you are. For your companionship and friendship through the years. I could not have wished for a more perfect platonic partner to spend 25 years of my life. Who’d have guessed that when we sat side by side in the hallway at FOX during that ghastly audition process, 25 years on we’d not only still be filming, but that we’d be permanent concrete neighbors on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

I never imagined I’d be honored with a star. And next to some of the greatest names in the industry. I’m incredibly humbled and grateful. Thank you to all of my dear friends who have come here today. Thank you to my old reps and my new reps. Thank you to FOX for your part in all of this. And thank you to all of the fans far and wide who have fought so hard to keep these characters alive. But also supported me in every last one of my endeavors. Thank you all for being here to celebrate this moment with me."