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Live tweeting of the Hunted panel with Frank Spotnitz and Melissa George brought to you by Adam and Bethan!

Adam - So, I'm here and already have a ticket for the panel - number 56! Place is filling up fast...

Adam - Cal me keen but I'm already in the queue for the panel here at ! Some extremely eager Philes beat me to the very front, though!

Adam - Looks like the panel will be starting a few minutes late. I'm in, though, and it looks like there wi be quite a crowd for thi!

Adam - World exclusive preview now starting here at !

Bethan - Now queueing to go into the Hunted panel at which Frank is talking.

Bethan - A very big cheer for Frank

Bethan - If you get the chance to watch Hunted when it airs later this year, do. The first ten minutes look amazing.

Adam - And 's Frank Spotnitz and take to the stage here at for the panel!

 Adam - Frank says that 's character is a unique selling point of , as she is a "real" spy

Adam- takes places in the world of private espionage, where those who work often do now know who they are working for.

 Adam- Star also says that her character's central quest to find who tried to kill her is another unique selling point of

Adam - Asked about comparisons with Alias, says is more gritty and realistic

 Bethan - Frank loves the spy genre and Hunted explores how the world of espionage has changed and private firms are used.

 Adam - Frank says poses a very challenging role for , physically & emotionally, who says it was a perfect collaboration

Adam - Asked how working in UK is different, Frank says the business is very different, with fewer resources, people coming together out of passion

Adam - Franks adds that reflects the artistry of the people who have worked on it, and is very singular in terms of British TV

 Adam - Asked about his experience from , Frank says he always draws upon it, but that Sam Hunter and 's portrayal are unique.

 Adam - Frank told that a fight sequence in Episode Two is the biggest ever seen on television!

Adam - But Frank adds that Sam Hunter's emotional journey is the heart and most interesting aspect of

Bethan - Frank learnt a lot about what makes good TV and good storytelling from his work on The X Files.

Bethan - Frank says working in British TV is very different to working for American TV.

Bethan - The ten minute clip they just showed took a month to film.

Bethan - Melissa split a fellow actor's lip in filming as he didn't get out of her way.

Adam - That's the panel over, and based on the preview it looks spectacular! Frank and are now doing a free signing!

 Bethan - Just met Frank and got to shake his hand. He's a lovely guy.

 Adam - 's Frank Spotnitz and being kept very busy for the signing at

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