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IDW is announcing a five-issue miniseries that will take us to the origins of The X-Files!

Straight from IDW, Year Zero will be presenting us with the people and the events that set in motion that the X-Files were established as a division within the FBI.

According to IDW, "the multi-talented veteran Karl Kesel (FFSuperboy) makes his debut at IDW as the writer on the series. Vic Malhotra (The X-Files: Conspiracy: The Crow) andGreg Scott (The X-Files: Season 10) will be splitting art duties with Malhotra providing the art for the 1940s sequences and Scott drawing the present day storyline. Covers will be provided by Season 10's Carlos Valenzuela, with pulp-novel-inspired subscription variants by Robert Hack (Doctor Who) and a retailer incentive cover by Eisner Award-winner Francesco Francavilla for the first installment."

Likewise, Kesel talks to IDW on their release article about how it feels to be writing a new series based in such iconic storylines: "I've always thought the 40s would be a wonderful setting for X-Files, with the Russian red menace, atomic mutations and flying saucers all lurking in the shadows what I like to think of as "UFO Noir." said Kesel from an undisclosed location. "Of course, iconic characters like Mulder and Scully are a joy to write, and being given the opportunity to introduce their predecessors” Bing Ellinson and Millie Ohio” well, the truth is it's all a little unbelievable to me. But the unbelievable is what X-Files is all about, isn't it?"

We're surely excited with all the work that IDW has been doing for the franchise and very intrigued by this new event. Stay tuned for more updates as they come!