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La La Land Records have announced that they plan to release a fourth and final four-CD set of X-Files soundtrack music in late 2018 or early 2019, and they are asking for your help. The producers at the label have asked Philes what unreleased music you would like to see included on this farewell set. Music can come from episodes which have already been covered in previous sets or from episodes which have never been included thus far. You can join the conversation and have your say on the Film Score Monthly discussion board.

La La Land Records have also announced that they plan to release a separate album covering music from season 11 this spring, much as they did with season 10 back in 2015. As such, they request that no music from the current season be included in the box set requests.

If you have yet to pick up any of the X-Files releases from La La Land Records, a limited edition re-issue of Volume One is currently available, as well as Volume Two, Volume Three, and The Event Series (season 10). For completists, two albums of Millennium soundtracks are also available, however, The Lone Gunmen/Harsh Realm soundtrack album is now sold out.