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X-Files News is on Archival Mode. Updates are on hiatus.

There are hidden clues about The X-Files Revival floating around, but Fox is making the Philes work to find the truth. Yesterday, the official Twitter announced their #FindTheX scavenger hunt. The first clue led to Gillian Anderson who posted the 'X' she had been hiding. The directions on her tweet told fans that once it hit 10,000 retweets, new clues would be revealed. 

Well in true X-Files fashion, even those weren't very clear. Check out Gillian Anderson's "Show & Not Tell" promo:


Did you catch all that? Well unless you've been in a cave that speeds up your body, probably not. So we're going to make it a little easier. Hit the jump to see (spoiler) photos of every sped up shot from the promo. Because really, that was more like "Don't Show & Not Tell". 



So what do you think, Philes? We should probably point out that the William image is immediately preceded by an image of a baby. Because clearly someone at FOX enjoys watching us all suffer. And yet, we can't wait for more.