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X-Files News is on Archival Mode. Updates are on hiatus.

If yesterday afternoon's filming of the X-Files Revival in downtown Vancouver wasn't enough to satiate your need for more Mulder and Scully, then we've got you covered. Filmmaker Matthew Cimone (@NoBordFromOrbit) scoped out last night's X-Files shoot at the intersection of Hasting and Hornby and has delivered some awesome photos! 

Matthew is currently the writer/producer on a feature documentary entitled Chasing Atlantis, which "investigates our relationship with the night sky and why we find a sense of belonging in the stars". Fox Mulder would find it very appropriate. So if you enjoy Matt's photos, be sure to give his other work a look, too! You may even recognize some familiar faces. 

The following photos contain possible spoilers, so turn back now if you'd rather not know the Truth that is out there.