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Over the past eight years, XFN has worked to keep Philes up to date with all the pertinent information about The X-Files’ cast and crew’s past, present and future projects. We’ve done charity drives, run fandom activities, and spearheaded initiatives to keep our favorite show relevant. We couldn’t have done it without you, the fans.

Now, it’s time for an expansion. We’re thrilled to announce that XFN has teamed up with TeePublic in an exciting new partnership. We will be selling some amazing t-shirts featuring original designs from the XFN team and other fandom favorites by some amazing artists. Our shiny new online store is now live, and it will keep growing. Take advantage of our launch offer and from now until January 31th you can buy these amazing t-shirts for just $14.00! More offers to come.

In addition, we will be running contests through the store and you could win some great prizes. Our goal is to continue being a vehicle for the fandom and the money that comes from these sales benefits the maintenance of the site and ensures we can continue in our passion for all things X-Files.

We can’t wait for you to check it out. So avoid checkout lines that are worse than rush hour on the 95, and avoid taking hostages. Instead, shop from the comfort of your couch and use the link below or the banner on our front page to ensure your purchase benefits the site. Happy shopping!

XFN's Online Store - Get your flail on here!