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fixedX Philes Talk X Files Podcast Logo 300x300We'll say "This" was a little easier to talk about than last week's episode! I, Keva Andersen, join David T. Harwood to discuss Glen Morgan's epic episode. Some call it X-Files does Black Mirror but we also argue it's really X-Files influences Black Mirror which influences X-Files.

We dissect some of the Easter eggs and revel in pointing out how much better any episode is when the writers stick to letting Mulder and Scully work together.

We do also touch on the CSM's William revelation, discuss Gillian Anderson's assertion that she's finished playing Scully for good, and how fans are dealing with the thought that this could really and truly be the end of the show. Take a listen here or through the player below, and as always we'd love to know what you think so leave your comments here.