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Hop onto the feels train and enjoy this new vid from Andrea Marie. "When Dana Scully and Fox Mulder met for the first time in a basement office of the J. Edgar Hoover building on March 6, 1992, they knew that through good times and bad they would be together forever." Andrea explores that in her latest vid.

Andrea is a well-known member of the fandom who has been vidding since the early days and this latest installment from her hefty catalog is one of the best yet. She's done a great job of pulling all your favorite moments together into a cohesive retrospective. The video spans all 11 seasons and two movies of the X-Files and is in glorious HD and "What About Now" by Daughtry is a fantastic choice for a shippy vid. 

Go on, hit play. You know you want to.

Happy #FanvidFriday all!

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