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KatrinDepp never fails to deliver. This week we chose one of her most recent and certainly one of her best. "Touchstone" has it all: action, adventure, angsty goodness. Released for the 22nd anniversary of The X-Files in the heat of anticipation for the return, Katrin captured everything we love about the show with an abundance of style and flair. The music is upbeat, the editing is flawless and the voiceovers are picked for maximum impact.

In just a little over two years, "Touchstone" has racked up more than 60,000 views. This is the video you choose if you want to introduce someone to the show. While making use of all the fan favorites, it also employs lesser used scenes to encompass the entire run of the series and leave you wanting more. While some vidders like to use color correction or flashy layovers to convey feelings, Katrin really lets the show speak for itself and combined with the newer HD clips, the result is a sleek, comprehensive recap of the partnership, friendship, and eventual love our dynamic duo shared.

Don't forget to check out Katrin's page. Not only does she vid for The X-Files but she also covers Doctor Who, Stranger Things, Hannibal, Sherlock, and more! 

If you have any leads on fresh new vidders to the fandom, drop us a line so we can share them with the world. Happy #FanvidFriday!