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Twenty years ago, on March 6th, 1992, in the fictional world created by Chris Carter & Co., Mulder and Scully met on a messy basement office at the FBI headquarters in the Hoover building. We know, we know, your lives changed ever since, and so did ours. In the four years and counting that X-Files News has been online, we’ve had the pleasure of being of service to what we believe is the Best Fandom in the World.This is why, on this important date, we decided to celebrate by reopening our doors to you guys with X-Files News, version 4.0.

In all of this time, we’ve come across many of you. We’re proud to be part of this fandom and you make us want to keep working hard, not only to keep the old school fandom alive, but also to introduce the show and the movies to new fans and generations that fall in love with what the Cast and Crew of The X-Files once poured their hearts on.

It’s because of the power of this fandom that many things come to fruition, like the many X-Phile driven charity drives that have helped dozens of causes worldwide. We’ve also carried a tenacious campaign for a 3rd X-Files movie to come to life and we continue to share and create online into what has put us among the top of the most active and representative fans in the history of Television and Movies.



Because we will walk with you guys until the end, we’ve been working very hard to bring you X-Files News 4.0. XFN is not going anywhere anytime soon. This is a brand new look, in a brand new server, more secure, more stable and we aim for it to be very functional for what every fan needs. While not all functions will be activated immediately, the new site offers you the latest news, a brand new forum, and a selection of XFN pages on social networking sites such as Twitter, Tumblr, You Tube and Facebook.

With our new website, we will be able to keep the important things straight, the X-Files News will get to you first, easier and fast, because we know what’s important to our users. We will still keep our usual sections like the XFN Studio Podcast, the Featured Video of the Week, our featured stories and the everyday report of what going on with the Cast & Crew of The X-Files. We will also be featuring, through our forums and social networking sites, more of all the fans' work and initiatives like fan videos, fanfiction, fan drawings and all the novel ways of expression our imaginative x-philes excel at.

We invite you to keep discovering the features of the website as they come alive, like our team blogs & the community, where you will be able to find all the charity drives, fandom campaigns that we have done in the past and are planning for the future, gathering opportunities and shared resources for download.

Once again, thanks so much for all your support all of this years, to the general fandom and our partners: Aussie X-Files Fans @ Facebook, Beyond The Sea IT, Big Light, Grupo The X-Files Chile and X-Files Memories.