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How amazing was that panel today? What a great table that was! Those very lucky philes inside Ballroom 20 got a very nice treat and one lucky fan left with a cardboard cutout of Mulder and Scully.

But if you weren't one of the lucky ones there today, but got to come to our Skype Files session you felt like one of them in the room! We had a very successful session with more than 30 X-Philes showing up. We watched some great episodes, talked X-Files amongst ourselves and "met" fellow philes!

It is because of today's great success during TV Guide's Panel that we are bringing you another session during tomorrow's panel. Tomorrow, July 19th, at 4:45PM EST (1:45PM San Diego time) IDW Publishing is hosting The X-Files Season 10 panel with guests Gillian Anderson, Chris Carter, Dean Haglund, IDW Editor-In-Chief Chris Ryall, writer Joe Harris and editor Denton Tipton.

We will start Skype Files at 3PM EST (12PM San Diego time). That will give us plenty of time to gather around in anticipation. We have selected a couple of episodes to watch for this special session. We will be watching "Field Trip" and "Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man".

To be able to join this special session, make sure you have downloaded Skype to your computer or mobile device and have created an account (They're free!) and add Tricia Silva (DrTrish197) to your contact list and we'll do the rest.