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The time is approaching and we are all just too excited for tomorrow afternoon. If you have been following our updates on Facebook and Twitter, you can see how there already are X-Philes gathering around San Diego for tomorrow, and camping out for a good seat at TV Guide's X-Files Panel.

However, if you are not one of the lucky ones and cannot make it to San Diego Comic-Con tomorrow, but still want to hang out with fellow Philes and talk about our favorite show, you are not alone. It was with that in mind that we have prepared a special Skype Files session tomorrow afternoon, July 18th. The panel starts at 6:30PM EST (3:30PM San Diego time). Skype Files will start at 5PM EST (2PM San Diego time).That will give us plenty of time to gather around in anticipation.

We have selected a few episodes to watch for this special session based on the new comics out earlier today. We will be watching 3 episodes: 'Unusual Suspects', 'Requiem' and 'John Doe'. We will stop the episodes during the panel so we can keep up with the updates on Twitter and Facebook and resume watching after the panel is over.

To be able to join this special session, make sure you have downloaded Skype to your computer or mobile device and have created an account (They're free!) and add Tricia Silva (DrTrish197) to your contact list and we'll do the rest.