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Every year we're graced with the amazing auctions from Doodle4NF. If you're not familiar with them, the team behind this charity drive collects doodles from personalities in many areas through the year. They're auctioned via Ebay in May and proceeds benefit the Neurofibromatosis Network.

Auctions start on May 7th and go on until May 18th, 2015. We've selected the doodle submissions that would be attractive for those X-Philes wanting to further their collections! 


Seth Green (Actor, The X-Files - Season 1)

Chris Carter 

David Duchovny 

Gillian Anderson #1

Gillian Anderson #2 

Gillian Anderson #3

Elena Casagrande (Comic Artist, The X-Files)

Robert Patrick

William B. Davis

Vince Gilligan

Peter Gould (Breaking Bad)

Dean Haglund #1

Dean Haglund #2

Dean Haglund #3

Dean Haglund #4

Dean Haglund #5

Doug Hutchison (Actor, Eugene Tooms on The X-Files)

Mitch Pileggi #1

Mitch Pileggi #2

Mark Snow #1

Mark Snow #2

You can see the rest of the 2015 celebrity submisions HERE - If you can't collaborate, help us spread the word for this worthy cause!