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If you're reading this on your phone you might want to disable all the tracking devices on it. Or toss any other geo-locators in the trash before you proceed. Ready? Ok.

Tonight's episode touches on a theme from the past with a modern twist: technology run amok. Written by Kristen Cloke Morgan and Shannon Hamblin, the episode takes Mulder and Scully on a wild ride that starts with date night gone terribly wrong and goes from bad to worse as the tech tracksĀ their every move. Scully and Mulder didn't have a whole lot to say but the Watch Crew sure did.

Before we get to the best tweets, I just wanted to acknowledge, with apologies to our International crew, that we closed submissions on Tweets a little earlier than usual for this episode. Normally we collect for 24 hours after the first airing in the U.S. but because your XFN crew is getting ready to cover X-Fest in Illinois we had to move the deadline up in order to have this posted before we have to catch our flight. We're back to our regular schedule through the rest of the season. Without further ado, here are your best tweets.