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When word first broke that we were getting a Skinner-centric episode at NYCC in October, we were excited but wondering what to expect. Gabe Rotter's "Kitten" delivered a meaningful story for Walter Sergei Skinner that drew on the tales he'd shared about his Vietnam experiences in earlier episodes. But not only was it moving it was downright scary in parts. The episodeĀ also has a very classic X-Files feel to it. Director Carol Banker comes the closest we've seen yet to capturing the look and color palette that we remember so well from the original Vancouver years.

The Watch Crew got a kick out of yet another trip to the forest, and let's just say the wardrobe doesn't go unnoticed. Haley Joel Osment is terrifying. Mulder runs off without backup. Scully comes to the rescue as usual, and in the end we learn why Skinner has stayed where he has all these years. Mitch Pileggi delivers an outstanding performance that had some of you reaching for the tissues. Here are your best tweets.