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So.....anything momentous happen in last night's episode? Something some fans have waited....oh....25 years to see? Maybe? I'm not sure, the Watch Crew was pretty quiet about this episode....

Or not.

Last night's viewing of "Plus One," written by Chris Carter and directed by Kevin Hooks, was moving along at a pretty great pace. The episode has all the feelings of the classic X-Files with a stop in the basement office, a spooky story, and a terrifying performance from Karin Konoval as Judy, Evil Judy, Chucky, and Evil Chucky. Mark Snow's score was completely on point, and there were a few laughs too. But there was something hinted at in the promos that many Shippers had never dared to hope they would see. We got to about 8:46 pm ET and then all hell broke loose. And I've been laughing ever since. They case was mostly resolved in the end but I don't think anyone noticed. I'll let your best tweets speak for themselves!