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Like I said, I went to a concert with Jade...sort of a thing to do before we part ways, you know? I've been with her since I can remember, she says I'm a softy.

I caught her writing on her facebook about last night, this is what she said: "Frankenbear was a regular riot at the show tonight. He totally jammed some A Day To Remember with Kelsey and I in the car! And then he danced to Emmure with me and Kelsey at the concert! I think he wants to be a hardcore kid now. He's been wearing his baseball hat all flat billed since we got home (I'm wondering if he'll ask me to write "br00tal" on it next!)

Anyway, we're off to sleep since I have to work in the morning :)"

Oh yeah! She got me a St. Louis Cardinals BB cap...I should wash it before I leave, it looks like I walked all over it last night. I wonder, if Jade will miss me... and will I miss Jade and Kelsey??

I'll let you know along the way.