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Man, I think I've never been more tired in my life! And I'm just leaving St. Louis to cruise the world... this is not promising!

I have to tell you, while I write from my blackberry sitting in the dark, that yesterday was a blast! Seriously, Jade knows how to party, and hard! After waking up today, she left for work leaving me a note saying "hey get ready for tonight" sure...I'm a procrastinator and she knows it well. And I did try, for real, but then she's got the IWTB bluray and I just had to see it one last time before I go... Scully's weeping scene always gets to me... and then the deleted kiss from FTF... What? yeah, I like it, so? What's your deal?

Anyway, I was in the middle of watching it for the 20th time when Jade got home and basically told me I was going to be late. She helped me out, she's such sweetheart, you know cleaned my cap, ironed my tshirt, brushed my shoes, and then...what a scam!!

She had it planned all along!

Remember I told you that I'd be travelling first class? Well, I guess they forgot to say it was FIRST CLASS MAIL!

So here I am, sitting in the dark with my phone, texting away. I should had seen this coming, I've repeated to myself like 5 times now, but sitting here thinking, I figure, that this trip is not about me. Its about everything I will have to go thru to get to the final line... get the word out and help a little in the best way possible.

Jade packed me with some pictures and a letter for this girl, Moxed...Some of you might know her, she is adorable... I hope she doesn't mind I already read the letter and I'm using it as a pillow. Its light and fluffy. She also gave me a cup of potato soup... we'll see how that goes.

I can't wait to get to West Palm Beach...I mean it has to be nice, you know, being Florida and all. I gotta go, my sister just told my mom I'm in a box at the post office and she's calling me with the obligatory: "I told you so...!"