Best Tweets
Best Tweets

Snakes, toads, and creepy teachers sounds like a winning combination for all sort of creeped out X-Philes!

Here are your best tweets from #XFRewatchDHDV. Tune in tomorrow for "Fresh Bones!"

We won't add anything, we don't need to. Your feelz took over this rewatch as it should! "Irresistible" is one of the most powerful episodes of the series and it shows.

Here are your best tweets, come back tomorrow for more of the Global Rewatch!

Aubrey isn't an episode that comes up a lot in fan discussions, but upon rewatch fans realized this is an episode that's highly underated, spooky as all hell, and smattered with some adorable and funny moments. Classic X-Files! 

Here are your best tweets from #XFRewatchAubrey.  

So how about "Excelsis Dei?" We know, it's a little creepy and more than once a bit politically incorrect, but not every episode has to be perfect, right? It still has some golden moments, and a lot of banter.

Here are your best tweets from #XFRewatchExcelsisDei.

Today's episode was the very diverse "Red Museum" - one filled with memorable moments *cough* BBQ sauce *cough* and many other moments that make this episode a packed stash of mythology, MOTW and UST.

If you don't know those definitions, please let us know!

Here are your best tweets from #XFRewatchRedMuseum and thanks to Dr. Joselyn Rojas (@JossaDosBichos) for hosting both sessions!


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