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Best Tweets

"Død Kalm" is one of those episodes that have very mixed reviews. Many claim it fails to deliver a sound ending to the storyline and others relish on the partnership and high production values.

Written by Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa, this was the episode that cemented The X-Files as one of the top U.S. shows, having contributed to FOX's highest ratings on a Friday at the time. 

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"Fearful Symmetry" is one of those episodes that you can't like, basically because the theme and storyline is heartbreaking and then you can't help but feel that it is a bit disjointed. Nevertheless, it is still so-very Mulder and Scully at its best!

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"End Game" concludes the first Samantha Mulder arc and while it does get a little confusing, this is an episode full of shipper moments, mythology moments, angst and much action.

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Submarines, shape-shifters, and Samantha! Oh my! 

Part one of season two's excellent mythology double feature leaves us on a brilliant cliff-hanger, but never fear, because we won't leave you hanging for your best tweets for #XFRewatchColony.  

"Fresh Bones" is one of those episodes that people often forget about but the minute they start watching, it comes back to them like a Celine Dion song in 1996. 

Filled with suspense and even some horror, this episode delivers a good mix of thrills and a dash of great partnership moments. These are the best tweets from #XFRewatchFreshBones.


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