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Best Tweets

"Firewalker" is one of those episodes that some of you call a "Bottle Episode" - with reason, but still so awesome. Many find comparisons with "Ice" and "Darkness Falls" and they do share very similar themes. Familiar faces that would go on become famous grace our screens and deliver a very solid hour of entertainment.

This is the first case after Scully came back from her abduction, and Mulder is significantly sensitive about what risks she could face, but she's too resilient for that. Bring on the Badass! Here are your best tweets from #XFRewatchFirewalker.

"One Breath" is a turning point episode for The X-Files- whether it was because of the visible display of emotions that drove Mulder to hell because of Scully's ordeal or because it shifted the course of his quest, this episode marks the before and after and it happened just in season 2.

Most X-Philes have this one as a favorite, some may find shortcomings in it, but everyone agrees that it is one of the episodes that signs the identity of what's to come. Here are your best tweets from #XFRewatchOneBreath.

You've survived "3"! Congratulations! No, really. Congratulations, because by the state of these tweets tonight, if you're reading this article, you managed to survive an alcohol induced stroke.

While "3" might not be the most favorite of episodes to anyone, it does have some redeeming facts. It paints a Mulder that has gone so off the deep end without Scully that he finds himself in these situations, a human Mulder, if you will. Is it enough for a fan to get throught it? Is it what the fans wanted to see? The jury is still out. The jury is also out in what other consequences will bring Mulder's constant battle with his human side, with his quest... even 23 years later.

Here are your best tweets from #XFRewatch3.

We're thirty episodes in, can you believe it!? "Ascension" is one of the most amazing chapters of The X-Files mythology. So much angst, so much drama, so much pain, and all of this without a red speedo. Poor everyone.

These are your best tweets from tonight's session, and this is a warning that you're not allowed to skip "3" tomorrow, host by Adam Boraso (@XFiles3in2012) and Dawndrell (@Damoshma) at 8AM & 8PM ET.

We're back! We're back! WE'RE BACK!

And boy, did we miss all of you! Syncing to FOX's "201 Days" rewatch has happened and now we can all watch together like the big family we are. "Duane Barry" was our return episode and what a way to come back. Filled with angst and drama, this is the episode the becomes the turning point for the show.

We know that many of you focused on that infamous Red Speedo, but still there was just so much to talk about! Here are your best tweets from tonight's #XFRewatchDBarry.


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