Best Tweets
Best Tweets

"Sleepless" isn't exactly a fan favorite, but it does introduce us to Krycek and thus provided ample entertainment in the form of snarky tweets. Add to that Mulder's always questionable wardobe choices and #XFRewatchSleepless was a huge success. 

We hope you all had a good nights rest. Here are your best tweets from #XFRewatchSleepless.

"Blood" is not entirely remarkable and some X-Philes even claim that's a forgettable one, but that won't stop any of them from enjoying what has become one great fan gathering!

We hope your machines aren't telling you to do bad things. Here are the best tweets from #XFRewatchBlood.

"The Host" has created quite a following within The X-Files fandom. Most of us love it, even when disgusted by him and whoa, is he a slimey one! We even had Dr. Joselyn Rojas tell us how many worms may have inspired Chris Carter to write us such a noteworthy one.

This episode still deals with Mulder and Scully's separation from the X-Files, but the introduction of two key elements: a new informant - Mr. X, who finds the reinstatement of the X-Files a necessity, and also Skinner's admission that while he may comprehend Mulder's objectives, he also takes orders from someone. The plot thickens!

Here are your best tweets from #XFRewatchHost!

"Little Green Men" is one of our favorite episodes, and the X-Philes everywhere agree!

From the intrigue of the conspiracy to the development in their partnership, this episode is charged with angst and so much emotion.

Here are your best tweets from #XFRewatchLGM, and thank you to The TV Mouse for joining us!

And so, the first season of The X-Files is gone! It feels like yesterday that we were starting our rewatch with these baby-faced agents that went after Billy Miles and that confessed their fears to one another one rainy night at a motel room.

"The Erlenmeyer Flask" is one amazing season finale, and we have your comments to confirm. Here are the best tweets from tonight's #XFRewatchTEFlask


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