Best Tweets
Best Tweets

"Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose" is one of those episodes that are X-Philes' favorites from the get go, with a only a few that differ, specially because of a few tidbits that become really important about these characters later on.

These are your best tweets of the night, weeded out of a grant total of seven rewatches during the day!

We're shocked, SHOCKED... ha! With killer performances by Giovanny Ribisi and Jack Black, "D.P.O." is one electrifying episode. Tired of power puns yet?

Here are your best tweets of the day!

How are we doing, X-Philes? Everyone alive? "Paper Clip" is an emotional episode, and such an amazing closure to the premiere of the season. Here are your best tweets from today's sessions! See you all tomorrow.

Season three starts off with a bang, fizzles for a while, then ends on one of the most epic scenes in X-Files history. The second part of this three-parter gets mixed reviews but almost all of you agreed that Scully was kicking ass and taking names and that that more than made up for any short-comings in the CGI or Mulder-plot. Albert Hosteen waxed poetic, and Mulder hung out under a Christmas tree while talking to the dead. But The Blessing Way ended with Scully geting into a standoff with Skinner and the general consensus was: "What's not to love?!"

You laughed, you cried, you might have needed an extra moment with Scully's!Dream!Mulder!  Here are your best tweets from #XFRewatchBWay.

"Anasazi" is 2nd Season's finale. Filled with angst and many revelations, it cements the position that many enemies will take in Fox Mulder's life. 

These are your best tweets from #XFRewatchAnasazi!


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