Best Tweets
Best Tweets

The TV Mouse was our host for #XFRewatchNisei, but there were quite a few MVPs tonight! Check out your best tweets and don't forget to tune in tomorrow for #XFRewatch731!


"Oubliette" is one of those underrated episodes that no one is really a great fan of, but in hindsight it is a great one, filled with great performances and quite a few foretelling moments.

Here are your best tweets from #XFRewatchOubliette


"The Walk" is an interesting episode. While it's certainly not a fan-favorite, you guys did seem to love Captain Sasspants/McBossypants/BAMF Dana Scully, who took charge in this episode. Personally, Sassy Scully is always my favorite. 

Here are your best tweets from #XFRewatchWalk.

"2Shy" is one of those episodes that I personally struggle with, mainly because whenever a show touches upon life on the Internet, fandom life, nerds or even a bullied community, such as overweight people, I cringe. And I do because most of the time the narrative is judgmental, misses the point and feels more insulting than the writers think that they were. I have a few share of examples, from many shows, and unfortunately TXF didn't escape this curse. It's a tricky subject matter.

In any case, you were very vocal as well about these issues, and here are your best tweets!

"The List" might be one of those episodes that we could live without, but still holds its list memorable moments. Like Mulder and Scully's faces of disgust, some sassy Scully moments and yes, the ever growing tidbits that are valuable character information.

Here are your best tweets, folks!


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