Best Tweets
Best Tweets

Mulder put his creative skills to work on this one! The Mulder!Ditch was strong, the angst was top notch and the Scully!Scold was also present. So these tweets are quite the works of art! Did you make the cut? Check out the best tweets from #XFRewatchGrotesque.



"Syzygy" is one of Fandom's favorites. So many quotes, so many cheeky references, and such a highly enjoyable episode.

Here are your best tweets, see you tomorrow!


"War of the Coprophages" is one fun episode, full of Mulder!Ditch and so much snark! Here are your best tweets of the day!


"Revelations" is an emotional episode that tackles Scully's faith and Mulder's confrontation with instances where his tendency to question and allow for thinking outside the convention doesn't include religion.

Here are your best tweets from #XFRewatchRevelations.



Tonight was #XFRewatch731's turn! And what an angsty one it was. Lots of action, commanding Scully, and then some.

Here are your best tweets!




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