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Best Tweets

"The Field Where I Died" isn't a favorite for some. But the thing is, this episode is one source of some serious lack of personal space! Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, TFWID delivers some interesting insights into Mulder and Scully's fate and relationship.

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"Unruhe" is one of Season Four's most famous episodes. Whether you think is a great one or not, it still is revealing in hindsight.

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"Teliko" might not be a favorite but that doesn't stop X-Philes from pulling an amazing session for everyone's enjoyment.

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We have yet to know anyone that thinks that "Home" is a mild episode of The X-Files. Full of heartbreaking and gory moments, this episode makes even the toughest fan think twice about even having a potato chip while watching.

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"Herrenvolk" continues the saga that begun with "Talitha Cumi," and adds up to the mythology elements that will continue to expand as the fourth season of The X-Files advances.

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