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Best Tweets

We roll on into Season 5 with "Redux" and thank goodness we didn't have to wait an entire summer to find out what happened to Mulder. He isn't really dead, of course, and we flash back on how Scully ended up identifying a body that wasn't her partner's after all. X-Files Science Adviser Anne Simon was our special guest host, you can read all her tweets about the science of the episode here. The Rewatch Crew had a lot of fun with "keep going, FBI woman" and we all needed hugs by the time the episode ended. Here are your best tweets.


I'm not crying, you're crying! "Gethsemane" starts with Scully identifying a body in Mulder's apartment and just gets worse from there. We see Mulder at rock bottom, questioning everything he's known, and Scully struggling with her health and how far she can follow her partner. It ends on a shocking cliffhanger that has us very glad we only have to wait 24 hours for the next part. Unlike when it aired in 1997 when we had to wait almost 6 months to learn Mulder's fate. Here are your best tweets.


"Demons" is a feels tour de force and our second night in a row of getting put through the wringer. Mulder tries an unusual approach to remember more about his sister's disappearance and ends up in a world of hurt. Written by Robert Goodwin and directed by Kim Manners, it's as gorgeous to look at as it is haunting. Scully saves the day in the end as always, but if you think our agents get a chance to rest after this, remember "Gethsemane" is up next. At least the Rewatch Crew got to see Mulder in the bathtub. Here are your best tweets.


This is an episode that hurts from start to finish. "Elegy" is both disturbing and heartbreaking. We love the scare of it but between Scully's visit to Karen Kossef and her final scene? Somebody pass my the tissues.
Tonight was a pretty great night for a rewatch as we had Mitch Pileggi joining in all the fun. Who could forget those tighty whities! Here are your tweets best from #XFRewatchZeroSum.


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