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Best Tweets
"Small Potatoes" is always guaranteed to be a talker. From the birds and the bees and the monkey babies, to Star Wars, and of course that discussion over a bottle of wine.... Well, you certainly had a lot to say about this Vince Gilligan trip into weird.
We had a lot going on today with the first screening of the premiere of The X-Files Season 10 in Cannes, but you guys managed to still watch "Synchrony" and had a lot to say about time travel.

The "Tempus Fugit" and "Max" arc is always a popular two-parter amongst Philes. Scully gets her keychain, Mulder hunts aliens, and Pendrell makes the ultimate sacrifice. There is certainly a great deal to digest. We're winding up to the end of Season 4 and the culmination of the cancer arc, but before we get there, check out what other Philes had to say about #XFRewatchMax.  

Judging by your tweets, we might be able to call today's episode "Poor Pendrell!" instead of "Tempus Fugit". This awesome mythology two-parter tugs at the heartstrings of Philes and then kicks the action into overdrive.

Here are your best tweets from #XFRewatchTFugit. Time sure flies if we're at Day 90 already!

"Unrequited." No, we're not talking the MSR here. Day 89 of the X-Files Global Rewatch brought us #XFRewatchUnrequited. Set in the heart of Season 4, the episode contains some heavy themes, while taking a step back from the series mythology. Check out what everyone had to say about today's episode. 



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