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Best Tweets

"Paper Hearts" is one of those episodes that are celebrated by almost everyone in the fandom. Even the critics recognize the brilliance behind Vince Gilligan's work and David and Gillian's amazing performances.

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We wrap up another great Mytharc two-parter with "Terma" tonight and I think I can still hear the shippers flailing. This episode has it all: prison escapes, explosions, Congressional throwdowns, and of course that infamous hug.

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"Tunguska" is the first part of a saga that will leave a scar or two on our heroes and their enemies... if you don't believe me, ask Mulder and Krycek. Full of tension and action, this episode is one of my personal favorites. The fandom apparently agrees.

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Loved and Hated, very much like the main character of this episode, "Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man" is always a debatable one. Some say these are indeed just the fantasies of CGB Spender, and others take it as the ultimate truth... whether they like those truths or not!

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When it comes to bloody episodes, "Sanguinarium" is surely one of the goriest. Some people compare it to "Signs and Wonders," with sand snakes and a lot more crazy, but both take account of controversial practices.

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