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We're just days away from the premiere of "My Struggle," the first episode of Season 10 of The X-Files. Many lucky Philes have already seen the first episode at screenings like New York Comic Con and the season had its official red carpet premiere last week in Los Angeles. While cast and crew gathered to celebrate, critics were also on hand. So what are the reviewers saying? Find out after the jump.


Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter calls it messy.

Joanna Robinson of Vanity Fair doesn't think the first episode was worth the wait. Ms. Robinson also mentions that she first starting watching in 2014 so keep that in mind.

Brian Lowry of Variety, who also wrote two of the official X-Files guides in the 1990s, says it "can't help but feel like a missed opportunity."

Sam Adams of CriticWire agreed with The Hollywood Reporter assessment in this review.

Ken Tucker of Yahoo TV says he wanted to believe....but.....

Keep in mind those five interviews were written before FOX released episodes 2 and 3 to critics.

In contrast, this review from Comic Book Resources from last October has good things to say.

Den of Geek offers a spoiler-free review of "My Struggle."

The A.V. Club says the show "picks up again feeling like it never left."

Terry Terrones of The Gazette says "the new X-Files will draw you in."

Erik Henriksen of Portland Mercury says "It's good. No, wait - it's great."

Daniel D’Addario of TIME says The X-Files revival "fails to find the truth."

Katharine Trendacosta of i09 says "If You Loved The X-Files, You'll Probably Still Like The New X-Files."

Dominic Patten of Deadline Hollywood says the revival "makes you believe again."


Of course, any review is just one person's opinion so like Mulder we encourage you to keep an open mind. And of course fans will get the chance to form their own opinions starting January 24th with the television premiere of "My Struggle." We're almost there, Philes!