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In this week's Millennium Monday, Frank pursues a young woman desperate to find her stolen Angel and considers the lengths people will go to for their children. Read behind the jump for our full recap of "The Wild and The Innocent".


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  • This episode is written by Jorge Zamacoma. It is Jorge’s second and final writing credit for the show after "Kingdom Come". He continued on as co-executive producer for several more episodes.
  • Directing for the second time is Thomas J. Wright. He’ll be a series regular by the time the show wraps for good, directing 26 episodes in total. He also directed three episodes of The X-Files: "Millennium", "The Goldberg Variation", and "The Amazing Maleeni".
  • From the very first minutes there’s an obvious change with this cold open, we haven't heard a Chris Carter flowery monologue on Millennium before. 

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  • Jake/Jim is played by John Pyper-Ferguson. He played Paul in "F. Emasculata" & Detective Kresge in "Christmas Carol"/"Emily". 
  • This episode has a very fast moving intro with lots of quick cuts. Another change as we’re used to slower paced cold opens from Millennium now. 

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  • If you’re a fan of Burn Notice you might recognise Bobby here as a young Jeffrey Donovan (Michael Westen). 


  • Ernest Renan was a French expert on Middle Eastern ancient languages & civilisation. This quote is called “A Skeptic’s Prayer”. 

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  • "Mommy?"
    "Yes, sweetie?"
    "Are you and Daddy going to have another baby?"

    - Kids have this amazing ability to ask the most awkward questions without ever realising they’re doing it. 

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  • Maddie is played by Heather McComb. She also played Shannon in "Die Hand Die Verletzt". 

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  • Captain Bigelow is played by Michael Hogan who would go on to play Colonel Saul Tigh in the Battlestar Galactica reboot. 
  • This episode has a very different feel to everything we've seen so far. Ten episodes in and you can feel the crew stretching their wings. 

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  • Frank & Catherine’s conversations are becoming deeper. He’s realising that he doesn’t always need to protect her; she can help him. It's interesting to hear Catherine call Frank “sweetheart”. He’s clearly OK with the term. 
  • Frank tells Catherine he's “fine”. Who else do we know who uses that word to cover up when they're feeling emotional? Unlike Mulder however, Catherine immediately pulls Frank up on the term.
  • Mr & Mrs Nesmith are played by Mary Black & Jim Poyner. They’ll both guest in Millennium again, in fact in the same future episode! 

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  • That doesn’t seem like the most practical solution to their current situation...

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  • Apparently Frank takes suggestions to “get some sleep” about as seriously as Mulder does. 
  • The trooper Frank and Pete talk to is played by Steve Makaj. He appeared as Scott Ostelhof in "Gethsemane"/"Redux" and also showed up in "D.P.O." & "Ascension". Steve is one of the Carter-Verse' most well travelled actors as he has also starred in both Harsh Realm and The Lone Gunmen.

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  • Finally Frank starts to figure out what's really going on here... What extremes would you go to in order to get your child back? What extremes would Frank go to?

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  • I find this scene very hard to watch now that I’m a mother. Losing my child is my deepest fear, I think that could be said for Frank too. 

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  • Maddie is so happy now she's been reunited with Angel, but she is also desperately sad. All she ever wanted was to see her baby again but now she is with him she realises he’s better off in his new life.

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  • Frank is placing a lot of trust in Maddie right now. He finally understands her motivation and knows he’s not in danger. 

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  • You can’t help but feel sorry for Maddie at the end. She was jailed for killing Bobby but was justice really served? 

Screencaps courtesy of Chris Nu.