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It's been a few months since our last Millennium recap but now we're back with a shiny new website we're happy to be reintroducing Millennium Mondays. Read after the break for our recap of "The Well-Worn Lock".


  • This episode was written by Chris Carter and directed by Ralph Hemecker. Ralph will direct two more Millennium episodes and also directed "Schizogeny" on The X-Files

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  • The eldest daughter, Connie, is played by Michelle Joyner who played Ellen in "Chimera". Capers anyone? 
  • The mother is played by Sheila Moore who appeared in "Deep Throat" as Verla McLennen and in "Excelsis Dei" as Mrs. Dawson.


  • This week’s quote comes from an essay by Robert Louis Stevenson titled "The Truth of Intercourse". 

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  • This episode sees Catherine pushed forward as a major character. Bob is clearly unfamiliar with her role as a clinical social worker, it was fairly new at the time. 
  • The Statute of Limitations in Washington states that rape cases for under 18s can be prosecuted until the victim turns 30. Connie states that she is 32 so unfortunately the Assistant District Attorney is correct, Connie's case cannot be prosecuted.

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  • Frank finally shows up, almost a third of the way through the episode! This is definitely Catherine's hour to shine.
  • Although Catherine is the expert here, you might notice that Frank is still using the more dominant body language in the scene. 
  • In the Millennium "Unofficial Companion", N.E. Genge points out that Frank & Catherine are complementary. He understands the minds of killers while she understands the minds of victims. 
  • The Bangs' attorney is played by Campbell Lane who is an X-Files regular. He’s appeared in "Miracle Man", "The Calusari", "Tunguska", & "Terma". Campbell sadly passed away in January 2014.

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  • A.D.A.: I did hear one thing that came out of the evaluations, Mr. Bangs.
  • BANGS: Yeah, what's that?
  • A.D.A.: I can't say yet. I wouldn't want to persecute your good character.
  •  - I suddenly like A.D.A. Preshutski a whole lot more! 

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  • Connie’s connection to Sara reminds me of X-Files episodes like "Aubrey" and "Oubliette" although this hint of a psychic connection is never explored further. 

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  • There’s an interesting role reversal going on in this episode with Frank taking on more of a house husband role. 
  • “We live in a world where too many people won’t go far enough, won’t do what they know is right.” 

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  • It's never explained why Frank is at this crime scene; this isn't his case. We can only assume that Catherine asked him to look it over in the hopes that he might discover something that had been missed.

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  • Frank can run faster in mud than I could on concrete! 

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  • There’s a big jump in the timeline here, but even five months is an incredibly short timescale for getting a case like this to trial. 
  • “Sometimes I think there’s no light that can penetrate the darkness of where she’s been.” We hope that in this instance Catherine is wrong about Connie.
  • The Judge, played by Steve Outway, appeared in "Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man".

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  • These courtroom scenes are incredibly traumatic, I cannot imagine how they must come across to a real survivor of abuse. The flashbacks do touch on being too heavy handed and come close to losing their impact because of it.
  • Catherine holding Connie's hand is symbolic of her role on the show: both at work and with Frank. 

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  • This is a very tough episode, especially for one without a single murder or drop of blood spilled. It does a great job of showcasing Millennium's ability to tackle a wider variety of subjects than we have seen so far because there are some crimes out there that might be worse than murder. 

Screencaps courtesy of Chris Nu.