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MLM 2Our fourth Millennium recap looks back at S01xE04 - "The Judge". Read after the jump to check it out.


  • This is the first episode written by Ted Mann who would go on to pen 21 episodes of the show.
  • Directing is Randy Zisk. This is his only episode of Millennium but he went on to become the executive producer of Monk.

Screenshot007 copy

  • What's in the box? Fairly sure the little old lady in this scene didn't order one of those from the Sears catalogue...


  • This week's quote comes from Moby Dick. Scully and her father would be proud!

Screenshot016 copy

  • A package with Frank's name on it is delivered... Oh it's just some case files! They like to mess with the audience on this show.

Screenshot026 copy

  • The Group's forensics expert Cheryl Andrews is played by CCH Pounder who also played Luzy Kazdin in "Duane Barry". She becomes a minor ongoing character on Millennium. It's also great to see a Millennium Group member who isn't an old, white dude!

Screenshot033 copy

  • Hey look, it's Phillip Padgett (John Hawkes)!

Screenshot035 copy

  • The "Judge" is revealed. Marshall Bell played Commander Henderson in "Fallen Angel".
  • Do you think the pigs in the Judge's yard are the same ones they used when the X-Files filmed "Home"? Ever since I saw "Home" as a kid I have issues with pig pens. Hannibal season two didn't help me much either. 

Screenshot040 copy

  • Catherine is joining in with the crime solving this week; sort of. That's going to become an increasingly regular feature. It's good to see Frank keeping victim details private too...

Screenshot051 copy

  • I think Frank subscribes to Mulder's belief about Occam's Principle of Limited Imagination. Mulder's not going to be the only one nicknamed Spooky soon if Frank carries on like this.

Screenshot058 copy

  • "Foot!!!" Well you don't see one of those at the sorting office every day. 
  • Who killed the guy? "Someone else" - this is the Fox Mulder school of explanations.
  • I think we need to get the Hannibal fandom on board with this show. They'd love this stuff.

Screenshot093 copy

  • The Judge is obnoxiously confident. There's something incredible brazen about trying to recruit an ex FBI agent to your murderous vigilante justice system whilst sitting in a police interrogation room. Of course there is also something incredibly appealing about the concept of raw justice. The Judge knows that, and Frank does too.
  • The story the Judge tells in this scene is incorrect however. Jesus never cast a demon out of "a herd of enchanted hogs", he actually cast the demons out of a man and INTO the pigs.

Screenshot103 copy

  • "I can't go near there, Frank. I step on this man's property and Bardale's not there, I put the department and the city in real legal trouble." Once again the show is sticking close to some realistic police procedure. That's fairly unusual and fantastic to see on screen.

Screenshot109 copy

  • If you employ criminals and murderers to do your dirty work, you can't really be all that surprised that one might turn on you.
  • It has been suggested that The Judge could have made a great recurring character. It's a shame he was killed off first appearance.


Screencaps courtesy of Chris Nu.