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This week on Millennium, Frank's family have come to Seattle for a visit. Can they survive their trip to the Yellow House unscathed? What do you think?! Read after the jump for our recap of "Sacrament".


  • This episode is the second to be written by Frank Spotnitz. He has stated that this is his favourite of the five episodes he wrote for Millennium.

  • It is directed by Michael Watkins, his only Millennium credit. He directed six episodes of The X-Files including “Tithonus”, “Arcadia”, and “Sein Und Zeit”, and these days you can find him directing The Blacklist.

Screenshot000 copy

  • Frank looks so proud in the church. I’d be very happy making him Godfather to my son, I think he’d do an excellent job.

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  • Frank’s sister-in-law Helen is played by Liz Bryson; this is her only acting credit. His brother Tom is played by Philip Anglim.

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  • I always had the feeling that baby Charles’ sneezing and the reactions from the others were completely unscripted. This is probably the happiest single frame of the entire three-season run.

Screenshot014 copy

  • “Did something scare you?”
    “He's hurting her, Daddy!”
    “Who's he hurting?”
    “Aunt Helen!”
  • This is the second time it’s been hinted at that Jordan may have inherited something of a psychic “gift” from her father.

Screenshot019 copy

  • “Where's Helen, Frank? Where is she?”

  • With The X-Files you always knew big things were afoot if Mulder & Scully or their families showed up in the teaser, apparently that rule applies to Millennium too.


  • St Teresa was a Spanish mystic who lived in the 1500s and produced many writings. This line is taken from her autobiography.

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  • “No prosecutor can get a conviction using evidence supplied by the victim's brother-in-law.”

  • Bletch is right of course, but it’s rare to see that kind of reality portrayed on TV.

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  • The store clerk is played by French Tickner, he was the preacher in “Space” and also appeared on The Lone Gunmen.

Screenshot034 copy

  • The man with the “project” is played by Dylan Haggerty. He played Erwin Lukesh in “4-D”.

  • Rope and duct tape in the basket? Reckon he’s been watching 50 Shades of Grey?

Screenshot040 copy

  • “My brother's secretary got a call Friday from a man that said he was a friend of his. She gave him the name of the church where the baptism was being held.”
    “Frank, you're taking a huge leap here. This guy at the airport could just be a guy at the airport, but you can't see that because you're too damn close to this and your judgment can't help but be affected by it.”

  • That’s some considerable detail for Tom’s secretary to know. I’d expect her to have contact details for Frank’s house, but the church name as well?


  • Men in the Carter-verse seem to enjoy sitting and brooding in the dark. Remember Mulder in "One Breath" and "Redux"?

Screenshot051 copy

  • Catherine is there to offer emotional support to everyone she’s close to, not just Frank.

Screenshot059 copy

  • “Well, the next time something comes across your desk, just let it keep moving, okay?”

  • Of course Frank was never going to leave this alone!


  • Green’s father is played by Ken Roberts. He was the store clerk in “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose” and owned the motel in “Colony”.


  • Detective Teeple is played by Brian Markinson. He played Tony Fiore in “Born Again” & Gary Lambert in “Folie a Deux”.

Screenshot063 copy

  • “You leave my son alone! Just ask the hospital! He's all better now!”
    “Yeah, he’s the picture of mental health.”

  • Giebelhouse can always be counted on to deliver a sarcastic one liner. 

Screenshot064 copy

  • Dr. Moss is played by Lorena Gale. She appeared in “Shadows”, “One Breath”, “Elegy”, and I Want to Believe.

  • “Was he delusional?”
    “ He claimed Satan was forcing him to do evil. He thought he was protected as long as he stayed here, but the Devil would pull him back into evil when he got out.”

  • The way Dr. Moss describes Green’s delusions reminds me of the opening quote for this episode.

Screenshot067 copy

  • “It's the Mark of Lucifer. It's an ancient symbol drawn as a sign of eternal loyalty.”

Screenshot072 copy

  • Green’s mother seems remarkably calm for someone whose son has a gun pointed at him. I’d be hysterical.

Screenshot076 copy

  • “This never would have happened if we hadn't come here to see you! You don't see it, do you, Frank? You bring it upon yourself. It's a sickness! You can't just keep it locked away in the basement!”

  • This is particularly difficult for Frank to hear. He already blames himself for so much. The final line makes me think of Mulder and Scully’s endless attempts to leave behind the darkness they uncovered in their very own basement.

  • “Some truths are better left unknown.”

  • Another line that feels like it belongs on The X-Files.

Screenshot088 copy

  • “I got into the police garage and examined the abandoned vehicle with Helen's blood.”

  • They haven’t known each other long but Peter is already a good friend to Frank. He has his back right now.

Screenshot094 copy

  • “It may be a little late, Frank, but, uh, you got any thoughts about this? Anything you think we've missed?”

  • Bletch has completely given up on keeping Frank out of the case by this point.

Screenshot100 copy

  • “Why is he so mad?”
    “Why is who so mad?”
    “The man who's making Aunt Helen cry.”

  • Poor Jordan never had any hope of a normal childhood.

Screenshot105 copy

  • As a child I had nightmares about someone bricking me up behind a wall thanks to some programme I’ve thankfully forgotten. It’s still one of my greatest fears.

Screenshot108 copy

  • “He used his son to procure his victims. He was the Devil that Green couldn't escape.”

Screenshot114 copy

  • “Come on, sweetheart. Let's take a walk.”

  • Really lovely final shot in this episode.